Suunto 5 PEAK SmartwatchSuunto 5 PEAK Smartwatch

Suunto 5 PEAK multisport watch Review


The 5 Peak is Suunto‘s latest outdoor multisport smartwatch for beginners and has been launched by the Finnish company early in 2022. Apart from being very good value for money, it offers many advantages that clearly make it a good buy for me – but let’s start at the beginning.

Suunto 5 PEAK Smartwatch

My highlights of the Suunto 5 Peak

For me, the watch has a few remarkable strengths, which I would like to quickly outline:

  • One of the standouts is the choice between 80 different sports modes. The workouts include walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc. It is even possible to do several sports right after each other, which are then identified as one exercise unit. An example would be running and then cycling.
  • Due to the low weight and size of the case, the watch looks rather small and fits very well and comfortably on the arm. You can hardly feel it while working out.
  • The Suunto 5 Peak receives wireless OTA (over the air) updates; it just needs to be paired with the Suunto app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means there is no need to connect the watch to a PC with a USB cable, as is the case with other models.
  • The watch’s battery keeps what Suunto promises. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is as follows:  Performance (20 hours), Endurance (40 hours) or Tour (up to 100 hours). After using the watch on three MTB tours and two obstacle races so far, I can definitely praise the battery performance – the display still shows 2 out of 4 bars.
  • Other features include recording your sleep patterns, taking your pulse at the wrist, controlling music streaming – although this will require turning on the Suunto app – and displaying mobile phone notifications on the screen.
Suunto 5 PEAK Smartwatch Music

The five buttons of the Suunto 5 Peak

Using the watch is quite simple and worked flawlessly without requiring much experience. The 5 Peak is controlled via five buttons, two on the left and three on the right, all of which are well accessible. The upper left button turns on the backlight or serves to display optional data. The lower left button only has the function of going back. The upper right one is used to pause or resume a recording – if the button is pressed for a longer time, it can also be used to change the activity. The central righthand button allows you to switch between the different display options – if you hold it down for a few seconds, you can access the shortcut menu. The lower right button is used to indicate a lap – by holding it down for a longer time, the watch can be locked or unlocked. This function is very important when riding or running with gloves on, because it prevents the watch from unintentionally carrying out any operations.

Suunto 5 PEAK Smartwatch Unboxing

The colour display

At 1.1″, the display is rather small, but the figures are still easy to read because the font is large enough. On the other hand, the compact display makes a contribution to the long battery life. The size can therefore be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. In daylight, all values are easy to read; in the dark, you have to switch on the adjustable backlight. Moreover, it is possible to configure the watch to automatically switch on the illumination by turning one’ s wrist in the direction of the body.

While being active

As already mentioned in the highlights, you can choose between 80 different sport modes. After selecting a sport and starting the activity, the watch will establish a GPS connection. During training, the watch shows various data in the different display modes. These include heart rate, intensity, pace and performance levels. If in the heat of the action your body is overstrained, the watch will warn you by means of acoustic and colour signals.

After the activity

Once you have finished the exercise, you are asked to evaluate the session. Afterwards, you receive several reports. Data such as distance, average speed, heart rate progression (minimum and maximum), as well as the time spent within each intensity range, and the total number of metres ascended and descended are displayed. Afterwards, the activity can be saved. In the logbook, all saved activities can be accessed at any time, analysed and, if desired, exported in various forms (GPX Route, GPX Workout, and FIT).

Suunto 5 PEAK Smartwatch Zime

The Suunto App

The Suunto app provides a detailed view of all activities. It gives a complete overview of the sessions, and it is also possible to recap the activity. The app also compares and identifies the different routes in order to determine the best time for each one.

My Suunto conclusion

All in all, the watch has convinced me and therefore I can safely say it’s good value for the money. It has been my daily companion for some time now, whether for cycling, jogging or at work.  The user-friendly operation and the low weight are strong features. The device’s weight makes it easy to take with you, not just for sports, but also for recreational use. Another advantage is the long battery life. And almost all types of sport are covered by the range of sport profiles. One minor drawback is the display, which could be somewhat larger and brighter. When cycling, it is not always easy to read the information on the watch.