Assos UMA GT C2 in ActionAssos UMA GT C2 in Action



Two days before embarking on a ten-day trip to Mallorca, I received a parcel containing cycling shorts and a short-sleeved jersey from Assos. Since I already own some clothes of the Swiss premium brand, I was not only looking forward to the good weather, but also to testing their new road cycling wear.

As soon as you unpack the black boxes, you realize that both the trousers and the jersey are absolutely top class in terms of quality. There is no need to say much about the zips or seams. They are made to last. What is striking about the two garments is the elaborate mix of materials. Different fabrics are combined according to specific functions.

So let’s head south, as I can’t wait to test the Assos women’s road cycling clothing out on my bike – the anticipation is building!

Assos UMA GT C2 in Action

The Assos women’s bib shorts for long rides

As soon as I arrived on the Germans’ favourite island, I was off on my road bike. And just as I expected thanks to my experience with the other Assos road cycling shorts, the new Assos UMA GT BIB SHORTS C2 are also immensely comfortable on long days with six hours or more of riding. The padding is less bulky than in previous models. The old, thicker cushioning could cause a rather uncomfortable feeling, especially when getting it on and while walking. This is no longer the case. The new pads offer the utmost comfort. You feel really comfy in these shorts from the very first moment. They don’t slip and just fit! The stretchy, perfectly positioned straps certainly contribute to this. They adapt very well to the shape of the body. The new, wide waistband is seamless, flexible and barely noticeable.

Assos UMA GT C2 in Action

However, at every comfort break I ask myself: why the straps? For my taste, the Assos UMA GT Half SHORTS C2 offer exactly the same level of wearing comfort and do very well without them. Especially on very hot days, I prefer the strapless version of the shorts, which are available with shorter and longer legs.

The Assos women’s jersey with the fresh look

The jersey also appeals to me very much, with its design Assos has exactly met my taste. The “flowing” graphics really stand out and look really fast even when you’re just standing still. The Assos UMA GT JERSEY C2 is clearly designed to look sporty, but it doesn’t aim to be an aero race jersey. Three large pockets offer enough space for bars, smartphone and waistcoat. This is particularly worth mentioning, as comparable (women’s) jerseys often economise on pocket space. The previously mentioned mix of fabrics ensures that the jersey is extremely pleasant to wear. The fact that the jersey dries exceptionally quickly also has a positive effect! One possible criticism is that there is no zipped pocket for keys etc.

So what’s the verdict on the Assos women’s road cycling apparel?

Luckily our holiday flat had a washing machine, because after the first day of testing the outfit I knew that I would want to wear this Assos set on every single extended ride across the island. So the Assos women’s road cycling clothing gets a clear recommendation from me!