GripGrab winter collection review titelGripGrab winter collection review titel

GripGrab – the new winter collection review


“There’s no such thing as bad weather for cycling, only bad clothing.” This or something in that vein were the comments from my club mates when I was facing my first winter rides at the start of my cycling career.

At that time, I thought to myself that it was probably just something they kept repeating and that you simply get used to the low temperatures over time.

One day, however, I came across GripGrab products and began to understand what the more experienced cyclists actually meant by their sayings.

The GripGrab accessories appealed to me right from the start. Not only the overshoes, but also the gloves and many other items from the Danish brand make riding in winter much more bearable. And they’re not only fantastic value for money, but the products still look like they did on the first day, even after being washed several times.

So I was delighted when I recently discovered the new winter outerwear collection.

An athletic jersey that keeps you warm

The high GripGrab standards are also reflected in the quality of the outerwear. You notice this as soon as you unbox it.

The Gravelin Merinotech jersey is incredibly well made on the outside. However, the real strengths lie on the inside. The slightly brushed inner lining ensures that, despite the relatively thin fabric, you won’t cool down even on longer rides.
The fit of the jersey is very athletic, which I really like. However, if you’re unsure, it’s better to opt for the next size up. The pockets are reinforced and there is a zip on the back. Here, too, you can tell that the product developers are keen cyclists themselves.

The magic’s in the membrane

The waterproof RainMaster jacket also keeps its promises.

As far as possible, I cycle to work every day and therefore inevitably get caught in a rain shower from time to time. Here too, GripGrab not only fulfils the high expectations, but actually exceeds them.

We know that the trick is not to keep the water out – you can do that with much cheaper materials. The magic word is “membrane” and that’s where GripGrab has really delivered.

Even in heavy rain and during strenuous exercise, my skin stays dry and therefore pleasantly warm. The jacket keeps the wind out too, which proves to be a big plus in this cold winter.
The seams are also of a very high quality and I am sure that the jacket will continue to perform flawlessly for many years to come.

Another big advantage is that it is very light and easy to fold.

So I will probably have it in my jersey pocket for my next downhill rides in the high mountains.

Two layers of sheer genius

I was a little perplexed when I held the ThermaShell bib shorts in my hands.

Even as a newcomer to cycling, you learn that you should never wear underwear under bib shorts. Does GripGrab break with this rule?

Not at all, because the concept is much more sophisticated.

The excellent padding is sewn into the very light inner shorts and does not let you down, even on rides lasting several hours.
The actual pair of long pants are worn over them and designed to protect you from the elements.

And they do. In winter, the roads are almost always a little wet.

But that doesn’t bother the ThermaShell trousers at all, because they keep water and wind away from your skin just as well as the RainMaster jacket.
The main advantage lies in the two-layer principle. The membranes often suffer from frequent washing. GripGrab provides a remedy here. Because while you can simply wipe the rough dirt off the outer pants, the inner pants with the padding can be washed and dried quickly and are ready for the next ride in no time.

My insider tip

For all those who prefer to exercise on turbo trainers or rollers in winter: The pants are also very suitable for your home trainings. You can practically kill two birds with one stone by buying them.

I clearly recommend buying all three products, preferably together.

The Gravelin jersey looks great in autumn or spring, and once combined with the RainMaster, no winter ride will be too chilly. The ThermaShell has also won me over completely. It keeps my entire legs and even my sensitive knees nice and warm and doesn’t give water a chance.

Thank you, GripGrab!