Magped GRAVEL Magnetic PedalsMagped GRAVEL Magnetic Pedals

Magped GRAVEL Magnetic Pedals Review


With their gravel pedals, Magped have developed an innovative solution for riders who ride both on and off-road. As someone who has always used clipless pedals, I was keen to see how the Magped pedals would compare. I had the pleasure of testing them extensively and would like to share my experiences.


The Magped Gravel pedals immediately catch the eye with their sleek and modern design. Made from high-quality carbon and equipped with titanium spindles, they not only offer a robust construction, but also low weight and high strength. The magnets at the heart of these pedals are accurately embedded and ensure excellent grip.


The Magped pedals are very easy to install. With the accessories supplied and the excellent video instructions, it was child’s play to fit the pedals to my gravel bike. It is particularly important to choose the right spacers on the pedal to ensure that the shoe holds perfectly.


In terms of performance, the Magped Gravel pedals really wowed me. As someone who is used to clipless pedals, I was pleasantly surprised by the safety and intuitive ease of use of these pedals. The magnets provide a strong pull that prevents unintentional foot slippage, even on rougher roads or when riding on gravel tracks. At the same time, they also allow for a quick and easy release of the foot if necessary. I quickly learnt to love the gravel pedals on my daily commutes in city traffic. Conventional clipless pedals can get quite annoying, especially if you have to clip in and out frequently. Since the Magped pedals are so easy to take off and put on and the pedals practically pull themselves onto the shoe once you get on, the many red traffic lights in the city become less of a problem.


Another big plus of the Magped pedals is their contribution to your safety. The ability to release your foot from the pedal quickly and effortlessly means a high degree of control and reduces the risk of falls, especially in unpredictable terrain and in city traffic. The force of the magnets is just right to ensure a safe ride without restricting freedom of movement.

My biggest concern prior to the test was that the pedals could come loose under high levels of load when pedalling. However, as Magped allows you to choose between different magnet strengths, I didn’t have to worry about my foot slipping off the pedal, even when doing off-road sprints. The Magped pedals offer a simple and much safer alternative, especially for inexperienced and unsure riders who may be less familiar with clipless pedals.


Overall, I can warmly recommend the Magped Gravel pedals. They combine an attractive design, ease of use, outstanding performance and increased safety. Whether for daily commuting, extended gravel tours or challenging off-road adventures, these pedals have completely won me over. If you want to upgrade your gravel bike, you should definitely take a look at the Magped pedals. They offer an excellent alternative with maximum safety and comfort, especially for riders who have reservations about clipless pedals.