Northwave Edge Long SleeveNorthwave Edge Long Sleeve

Northwave MTB outfit Review


The season is kicking off, it’s finally getting warmer, time to have a BLAST! So the invitation to test a Northwave MTB outfit came at just the right time: “Sure, I will!” The bikewear in question covered clothing for the transitional period right up to summer, including shoes. More specifically, I tested the following products from Northwave on the jumpline and trail: the MTB jacket “Adrenalight” and the MTB jersey “Edge” in both the long-sleeved and short version. As for the legwear, I got the Northwave “Bomb” MTB pants and the MTB shorts of the same name. On my feet I wore the “Sunday Monday” socks and the “Multicross” MTB shoes. Last but not least, I put the “Air LF” MTB gloves over my fingers.  So, now onto the bike!

Northwave MTB Outfit in Action

Northwave MTB topwear – “Adrenalight” jacket and “Edge” jerseys

Let’s get started right away with the Northwave “Adrenalight” MTB rain jacket. I got the camouflage model, which is exactly what I was looking for. The large chest pocket, in which you can easily keep your mobile phone, and the hood, which is large enough to be pulled over your helmet, come in very handy. The sleeves are also designed in a way that allows you to comfortably wear elbow pads underneath. One thing I miss, however, is ventilation, as you really start to sweat on longer journeys. The jacket does have a side zip, but it’s rather inconvenient to use while riding; it would be more useful to have zips under the armpits. What I would also like to have is a zip on the breast pocket – but that’s just because I’m not a fan of press studs, as they tend to fail. My conclusion: a visually beautiful and practical rain jacket with minor flaws for sudden downpours.

Let’s move on to the Northwave MTB “Edge”, once as a long-sleeved and once as a short-sleeved jersey. The look of both is very understated, I would have liked something a little more colourful. I tested both extensively on the trail and they were very comfortable to wear.  Moisture is transported well to the outside and you never feel sweaty even on longer rides. I also found the integrated lens cleaning cloth at the edge of the jersey very cool. In terms of cut, both are perfect, they fit casually and you just feel comfy. So if you’re looking for a straightforward jersey, whether long or short, with great quality, the Northwave “Edge” jerseys are the right choice.

Northwave “Bomb” – MTB pants and shorts

The “Bomb” shorts are classic and simple trail shorts, light as a feather and perfectly breathable. I have tested them extensively in the woods and what I particularly like about them is the ratchet closure, totally straightforward and durable. Another cool detail is the silicone waist gripper which keeps the shorts in place. But my personal highlight are the two zipped pockets! It’s nice to see that there are still manufacturers who actually think things through. 😊 Personally, I’m super happy with the comfort, workmanship, look and practical details.

The MTB pants are simple trail pants, they are very light and breathable. I often wore these in the woods too, and what I particularly like here too is the practical ratchet closure. And the pants, just like the shorts, come with two useful zipped pockets. 😊 The MTB shorts also have a silicone waist gripper, but unfortunately they don’t always stay where they should. However, the cut is much narrower than that of the shorts, something I don’t really like when riding an MTB.

Northwave socks and MTB shoes – Multicross from Sunday to Monday

Visually, I immediately loved the socks because of the cool motifs woven into the back, they feel very comfortable and fit perfectly. I can’t complain about the quality either, after having used them several times, there is still no sign of wear. With other manufacturers, you just have to look at them to loosen some threads. The truth is, if you want a completely cool outfit, you can’t go past these eye-catchers, and these won’t be my last pair either.

Northwave Sunday Monday Socken

Of course, the socks also went perfectly with the shoes from Northwave, namely the Multicross. The first impression of the shoes is that they look very high-quality. As I’m usually a Five Ten fan, my first interest was the sole and, of course, I already know Vibram from climbing – so I went straight to the trail and gave them a try. And what shall I say, the shoes fit like a glove. The size matches my everyday shoes 1 to 1, they are well ventilated and the reinforced toe protects the feet perfectly from stones and other unwanted contacts. 😊 But now, let’s move on to the most important thing: the sole. Well, the pins do sink their teeth into the sole. You could almost think you’re riding clipless pedals. Whether on the trail or the jumpline, these shoes are perfect from front to back. Unfortunately, I can’t yet make a judgement on the durability, but at this price I would clearly recommend buying them.

Northwave gloves – with the “Air LF” the name says it all

The look and the material of the gloves are 100{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} appealing to me and I find the logo on the top subtle yet beautiful. In addition to the style, the fit is of course also important – and this is where I recommend buying the gloves one size bigger than usual. Even then, my thumb still fits a little tightly in the glove, which I hope will change once they are properly worn in. Apart from that, I think the material of the gloves is really great, they offer excellent grip and at the same time, thanks to the mesh fabric on the top, they are very breathable. What I also like are the touchscreen-compatible thumbs and index fingers. To sum up, if you buy one size bigger than you’re used to, the Air LF will be a top glove for you.