Fox Head Outfits 2019Fox Head Outfits 2019

FOX products of the 2019 season Review


Finally the new bike fashion season has started. And Fox Head is of course part of it. The mountain bike specialists have always been trendsetters. MTB is their way of life, and they want to be at the forefront in 2019, too. There have been few changes in the product range that we would like to take a closer look at. Kevin will present the new products to us while taking a look at the new concepts behind them and explaining us what they are all about. He also tested some of the new stuff … with a bit of assistance from Bungi.

Fox Head Outfits 2019

What does the fox have in store for 2019?

“Fox‘s motto for the spring/summer season of 2019 is ‘made for your ride’. And that’s not just a cool marketing slogan but means that mountain bikers have the opportunity to choose from the vast range of Fox clothing and equip themselves individually for every purpose.

To achieve this, Fox will offer three clothing lines in the future: Ranger, Flexair and – new to the range – Defend! Attack, Demo and Indicator are history, they will be integrated into the new collections. Each of the new lines embodies a different approach to mountain biking and focuses on on the respective requirements. All in all, they should cover everything that mountain bikers need for trails and tours. To meet your own individual demands, you can mix elements of the different clothing lines … just as you need them “for your ride”. This was of course already possible before, but Fox is now paying even more attention to keeping equipment ready for all purposes across the collections.

The 2019 Fox product lines

Defend: The newcomer to the Fox family. The Defend line (‘tougher than dirt’) replaces Demo, which, as it looks, has rushed down its last trail. The successor models of some Attack products will be available under Defend in the future, for example the popular Attack Pro jersey. Others will switch to the Flexair line. Defend is made for downhill and enduro, so it’s the line that focuses on the gravity disciplines. It is aimed at downhill and enduro bikers who place particular emphasis on durability and protection. We took the Defend Kevlar trousers with us. It is reinforced with Kevlar material at the knees. In case of a fall, the trousers remain without holes, preventing abrasions to the knee increasing the durability of the trousers. The material feels like a rubber mat, but is very light and flexible, so there is no loss of comfort. The Defend Kevlar has a narrow cut towards the ankle so that its legs cannot get caught in the chainring. But Fox doesn’t stop at that: the smaller diameter of the lower trouser legs generally reduces the risk of getting caught anywhere.

We equipped ourselves with the new Defend jerseys. I was wearing the ‘normal’ Defend one which is very ‘airy’ thanks to Mesh and TruDri. Bungi‘s jersey had even more features: The Defend Delta long sleeve jersey is made of Polartec Delta fabric and has Cordura sleeves. With this kind of garment, even branches won‘t harm you. Although the material is tough, the sleeves are soft and flexible. Polartec Delta increases air circulation and reduces friction on the skin – as long as you don’t wear a body armor underneath. The material offers an airy and comfortable feeling. The ratchet closure at the waistband allow you to regulate the trousers well, but that is standard with Fox. Ventilation holes on the inner thigh prevent extreme sweating in summer. The simple Defend long sleeve jersey is even more airy. Mesh panels and Fox’ TruDri material ensure maximum breathability.

The Defend line also includes the strongest and most robust gloves from Fox. The Defend Kevlar D30 offers two ultra-strong protective features: Kevlar and D30. Kevlar fibres provide high cut, tear and abrasion resistance, while D30 protects the ankles from knocks. Despite all the safety measures, the gloves are very comfortable to wear. The Defend glove with its rippled surface is really stylish. Bungi used it and was amazed about the grip and the safety performance.

Flexair: This line remains faithful to its name also in 2019 – flexible stretch fabrics and loose cuts characterize the collection. Some of the former Attack products are now part of the Flexair line. If you love long summer trail tours and attach great importance to lightness and good air circulation, then the Flexair line is the right choice. Bungi wore the lightweight Flexair shorts with ratchet closure on the waistband. These are available with or without inner pants. The Flexair shorts come with Tru Motion stretch fabric and therefore offer a lot of mobility. They are thus particularly suitable for longer rides.

Ranger: The Ranger line is already a Fox classic. Fox promotes it as the most versatile series for mountain biking. But I think there’s even more to it. The style is generally more casual. And it appeals especially to drivers who don’t necessarily want to ride in a “racing style”. This is also reflected in the wearing comfort. The Ranger DRI Release long-sleeve jersey feels almost like it is made of cotton and is very pleasant to wear, Fox calls it the Relaxed Fit design. The TruDri fabric will dry four times faster than ordinary cotton. This jersey can also be worn “off-bike”. The Drirelease fabric even neutralises odours – perfect for relaxing after your bike adventure… Anyway, Ranger remains the entry-level series, both in terms of features and price. It’s the most affordable of the Fox clothing lines, offering performance and style for smaller budgets.

I am optimistic that this Fox Head season will be hot.”