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TSG protective equipment and MTB clothing Review


TSG produces protective equipment for fun sports combining style and function. The German company was founded in 1988 by none other than skateboard pioneer Titus Dittmann. TSG stands for Technical Safety Gear which clearly shows what the company’s mission has been from the start: making equipment that provides protection. Back then, there was simply no special protective equipment for skateboarders. And so TSG began to develop protective pads and helmets. Soon shin and ankle protectors for BMX riders and mountain bikers were added.

TSG Outfit

It is always an advantage when the product development is in the hands of professional athletes. They can test the equipment themselves and check its performance all the way to the limit. This is still an important element at TSG. Of course, testing is also done in the lab, but nothing can replace the real trail, halfpipe or slope. TSG is now based in Switzerland, and apart from helmets and body protection, they also offer clothing. Today, Titus Dittmann is no longer part of the company. But one thing has remained unchanged: at TSG, former pro athletes dominate.

TSG: equipment with a tradition – now available in our shop

At Bike-Discount, we always try to improve our product range and expand our brand portfolio. These things go often hand in hand, especially when brands offer a remarkable quality – which is exactly what we are after for our shop. It’s no secret that the gravity community is close to our hearts, we’ve even created our own Gravity Pro Shop recently. TSG fits well into this category, which is why we added the fun sports brand to our range in autumn 2018. When we introduce a new brand to our shop, we like to put it to the test. Hence, Julian was so kind to take a closer look at the 2019 TSG collection for us.

Julian reviews … TSG protective clothing and accessories

“It was cold, very cold – and my TSG outfit didn’t help. But that’s definitely not the brand’s fault, it was simply not the right weather for wearing bike shorts. I probably should have chosen a warmer day for this test. What you can see me standing on in the first picture is in fact a frozen lake… Anyway, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of TSG are affordable bike helmets. So why not start with one them.


Scope, the helmet which was presented to me by a colleague, fits great on my head. I have a head circumference of 59 cm and wear size L. The adjustment options provided by TSG leave little to be desired. There are even alternative helmet pads included in the scope of delivery. If everything else fails, it should be easy to adapt the helmet with them. With the Scope, TSG has added a more expensive head protection to its bicycle helmet series. At 119.95 €, it is one of their most expensive helmets and the top model of their mountain bike range. It’s recommended for enduro but is of course also suitable for all-mountain use. The Scope features a stylish design with large ventilation intakes and a visor. No tools are needed to adjust the visor. The mechanism makes a solid impression. With some helmets this is a weak point, not so with Scope. The back of the head and the sides feel well protected. The straps are comfortable and as easy to handle as to adjust. This is also an advantage compared to many other helmets.

Knee protectors

This way, my head was very well protected, and so were my knee joints. Actually, elbow pads should also have been part of the outfit and TSG does of course offer them but, as usual, I decided to expose myself to the countless dangers of mountain biking without that kind of protection. Please don’t worry, I survived – and the knee pads fitted perfectly. I chose them according to the size chart which worked perfectly well.
Thanks to the silicone strips in the elastic band, the pads, in my case the Tahoe A, do not slip at all. And what’s more, after a 4-hour ride the protectors didn’t cause any skin irritations or leave marks on my legs which would have been an unwelcome distraction from my trail surfing adventure. The closing mechanism is highly functional and well thought out. Covering the entire knee, the knee pad gives you the sense of allround protection. The ARTi-LAGE Foam protection at the front is rather flexible and not as bulky as the photos might suggest. This so-called ‘impact-foam’ only hardens in case of an impact. Before this test, I knew of this material only from gloves. But it‘s certainly well used here, because it allows you to move freely while still offering good impact protection.


The Slim Gloves live up to their name. Thanks to the thin material you can still feel everything. They also fit comfortably and offer enough grip. The wrist cuffs are well made and do not cut into the skin. The only drawback is the rubber flap featuring TSG’s armour helmet logo: it certainly makes it easier to put the gloves on, but should ideally be less big. Index and middle finger of the TSG gloves are truly touch screen compatible. Even if advertised by the manufacturers, this is not always the case. So, well done, TSG!

Jersey and shorts

Last but not least, I also had a TSG jersey and TSG shorts to complete the outfit. I like the design and the cut. Here again, TSG delivers the features advertised on the box. You get the real thing, not just empty marketing promises. However, in their catalogue, TSG speak of ‘perfect breathability’ and ‘unrestricted freedom’ and call the SP3 the ‘ultimate cool-riding shorts’. ‘Perfect’ and ‘ultimate’ are of course strong claims and exaggerated. The plain jersey and the SP3 bike shorts are a solid package, offering comfort, breathability and robustness. The pants fit well and offer good ventilation, as does the jersey. To choose the right size, I used the chart again, which proved to be precise.

Passed the test? Time for a conclusion

You will find lots of other great brands and products in our shop, but TSG is definitely a good option. The products are well-made and up there with Fox and other top players. They are less expensive than those of the big MTB brands – apart from the Scope helmet which may be a bit pricey for its class, but has a lot to offer in terms of protection, ventilation and weight. All in all, TSG’s products are well thought out and characterized by nice details as well as a good price-performance ratio. What ultimately counts is the performance – which is certainly good. In addition, when choosing the size, you can rely on TSG’s specifications in the size chart.”