Fizik Transiro Hydra Aeroweave Carbon – Triathlon Shoes Review


When the idea of tackling a long-distance triathlon came to me more than a year ago, I quickly realised that my long-serving triathlon shoes would not survive the intensive training of the coming months.

So in my search for a new triathlon shoe, I quickly decided on the top model from Fizik, the Tansiro Hydra in the Aerowave version. In the course of the nine-month preparation for my first long-distance competition at the Challenge Roth, I had the opportunity to test the shoe extensively and would therefore like to share my impressions and experiences below.

Even before trying them on for the first time, you notice the minimalist design and the low weight of the shoes. In size 43, the shoe weighs in at just 242 grams, which makes the Fizik Hydra Aerowave Carbon one of the real lightweights among triathlon shoes.

In addition, the white version of the shoe stands out with its enormous radiance, making it an eye-catcher even from a distance.

Right from the first test before the race, I noticed the very generous strap on the heel. This is traditionally used in triathlon shoes to fix the shoes to the front derailleur or quick release before the race with the help of two rubber bands, so that the shoes can be put on during the ride. In addition, the Transiro Hydra is equipped with a wide velcro fastener compared to normal road cycling shoes, which also makes it easier to get on and off. Nevertheless, as with so many triathlon shoes, I miss the necessary tightness in the forefoot area, as the foot is only fixed in the midfoot area by the velcro. Particularly in a long-distance triathlon, the 180 kilometres of cycling make up a large part of the competition, so the comfortable and stable fit of the shoe is extremely important.

As a big fan of very stiff and straight road bike soles, I immediately liked the carbon outsole of the Transiro Hydra on the first test ride, which, in addition to the lower weight, ensures optimal power transfer to the pedals. Furthermore, generous ventilation slots in the sole guarantee optimal air circulation, so that the feet dry faster after swimming and can always benefit from the cooling air that enters the shoe through the ventilation slots.

A special feature that the manufacturer Fizik advertises with the Transiro Hydra is the newly arranged position of the cleats. After all, in the aero position on a triathlon bike, the body is facing much further forward compared to the position on a conventional road bike. In fact, with the Transiro Hydra triathlon shoes I was able to increase my cadence by an average of six rpm compared to my conventional road bike shoes. So this optimisation seems to have paid off significantly compared to the previous model.

The Aerowave upper material clearly shows that Fizik has designed a sophisticated triathlon shoe in all respects. The fabric is not only particularly light, but also ensures pleasant air circulation while riding, allowing the feet to benefit from the airflow even when temperatures are extremely high. In addition, the soft feel of the Aerowave upper on the foot makes it possible to use the shoe without socks even for very long distances.  

However, I had to manually shorten the closure system, which is a little too long, to prevent the closure strap from brushing against the crank when pedalling.

All in all, the Fizik Transiro Hydra with its Aerowave upper and integrated carbon sole is probably the most carefully designed triathlon shoe I have had the pleasure of testing so far. Even during my 180-kilometre tour through Franconia, the shoe always served me well, allowing me to lay the foundation for the final marathon while cycling and bringing the Challenge Roth 2023 adventure to a successful end.