Oakley 2023 Road Bike Outfit Review


Teams will be negotiating sponsorship deals, amateur cyclists will be looking for the best value, newcomers will be asking their friends for recommendations, when it comes to choosing the right cycling apparel, there are many paths that can be taken. No matter where you started or where you are going, when it comes to cycling eyewear, all roads lead to Oakley.

If you watched the Criterium du Daulphine over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that the yellow and green jerseys were wearing Oakleys. If you watched the Giro last month, you might have noticed the red jersey was on Oakleys as well.

This year I had the chance to try Oakley’s new version of the Jawbreaker with Prizm Road and Photocromic lenses, as well as the completely redesigned Aro5 race helmet and the Endurance outfit. In my review I’ll try to explain the differences between the Jawbreaker options and share my experiences with the new Aro5 and the Endurance Bib and Jersey.

Oakley Jawbreaker – The Last frame you’ll ever need

A quick scroll through our social media channels will confirm that I always have a Jawbreaker. The lenses may change, but the frame is always the same. The full frame is strong and comfortable. Although it is very strong, it does not compromise ventilation. I use them all summer. The temples and nose pads are made of Oakley’s patented Unobtanium rubber, and they stay in place no matter what. They are also adjustable, so you can change their length for a better fit. You can sweat, face down, move your head, and they won’t give you a second thought. The field of vision is huge, so you can look around with ease and no restrictions.

They are also very durable. When I get to the office I throw them on my desk, when I get in the car I throw them on the dashboard and they haven’t got a scratch. If I put my 2022 Jade next to this year’s Road, you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which, despite all my carelessness.

PRIZM Road – See whats on the road before you hit it

Prizm lenses boost contrast to help you see details on the road. Things like cracks in the pavement, manholes and road signs stand out a little more and you notice them sooner. The Road version has a VLT of 20{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf}, that’s how much light it lets through, while the Jade version has a VLT of 15{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf}. The difference of 5{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} is quite noticeable.

My favourites are the Road. In my opinion, they offer enough shade while still giving you the feeling of a nice sunny day. The 20{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} are dark enough for me, I’ve been cycling in Germany and Belgium with them for the last month and it was quite bright. They do make the world a little bit pink, but you get used to it in seconds. The effect is much stronger with the Jade lenses, while the Road lenses, in my opinion, retain a very real feeling of the outside world.

For my after-work rides, which sometimes go late into the night, I carry the clear lenses.  As you can see from the video, changing them is quick and easy.

Photocromic – Lenses to rule the sky

With Photocromic technology, the focus is on changing light conditions. Instead of PRIZM, Oakley uses its HDO technology to give you a clear and true view of the road. Ideal for a cloudy day that is still quite bright, when the weather forecast is not quite sure if it is going to rain or clear, so you know you have all your bases covered. The VLT varies between 23{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} and 69{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf}, so you get the feeling that the outside light is pretty stable as you ride, when in fact it has changed, but the lenses have adapted smoothly.

ARO 5 RACE Helm – A total redesign

The Aro5 has been a very positive surprise this year. When I received the first pictures I was immediately pleased. Until last year, Oakley had somehow kept the Aro5 look from previous models, but for 2023 they made a more compact helmet with a completely new ventilation system. The result is a very light and comfortable helmet that will be my choice all summer. It is well ventilated and full of nice details like the different material on the glasses dock to prevent slipping or damage, and the mirrored logo plate on the back.

Of course it has the MIPS system and the BOA system to keep the helmet in place with the thin and almost undetectable strings that the system uses. As with last year’s model, the package includes both the X-Static brow padding, which uses silver to inhibit bacterial growth, and the silicone sweat guard as a second option. I haven’t really used the silicone pads because they leave marks on my forehead, but I have to say they work. Instead of sweat running down your face, it is directed to your temples, which gives you a completely different experience. Switching between the two takes seconds, so the choice is ours. The helmet bag is also included.

The new Endurance Ultra Bib shorts

The Endurance Ultra is a comfortable bib short with a very light fit. They don’t squeeze any part of the body and stay in place while allowing a very good range of motion. I’m 1.80m tall, weigh 70kg and got a size “S”. You can see the results in the pictures. The material is quite soft and feels good against the skin.

The 4-way stretch fabric adds to the comfort, as does the triple density foam and moisture-wicking Hydrolix. They also have a UPF 50+. All in all this is a very comfortable option, with a nice cut that is easy to use while still giving a nice athletic look.

Oakley Endurance Dazzle Camo Jersey – Sometimes you wanna stand out

I have to say, the Dazzle Camo jerseys are a bit of a stretch for me in terms of ” fashion”. However, they do look a lot better while riding and were a nice change for me from the solid coloured jerseys I usually wear. Compared to last year’s test, the jerseys have a much nicer cut. They offer a slim fit with long sleeves and a low-lying neck. The racy cut keeps the front of the jersey short when you get down to the drops without creating a lot of wrinkles on the zip.

The pockets are well sized and stay in place during the ride, so your phone and tubes won’t bounce around. The centre pocket has a zipped compartment to keep your documents and keys safe for the whole ride. Under the pocket is a strong band to keep the shirt in place when you reach for something during the ride. For extra cooling, there are mesh panels at the underarms and back. A very nice and somewhat fancy option for this summer.


The Jawbreaker are my glasses al year round. No matter the situation I have the lenses for it, and the frame is durable enough to allow me to collect them. The Aro 5 Race is a very nice upgrade from last years model and its been my helmet of choice this summer. The Endurance outfit is very comfortable and has a nice fit.

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