GripGrab – The new summer collection in Review


Just like they did last winter, GripGrab recently approached me and asked if I now had some time and motivation to test the new summer collection.

As I had already been impressed by the Danish company’s cycling clothing for the cold season, I naturally agreed.

Here’s my impressions and experiences from the hundreds of kilometres I was able to collect with the new products on the warmer days this spring.

Short sleeve jersey: Pace

What immediately struck me when I took the Pace jersey in my hands were the excellent workmanship and the very tight race fit. Together with the tight cuffs, the relatively long sleeves – they almost reach the elbows – ensure that the jersey doesn’t flap on the arms or shoulders.

A very high-quality, wide cuff at the hips also helps to prevent the jersey from riding up, even when the rider is stretched out in the lower handlebar position. There is also a perfectly made zip, which never fails even on steep sections and can always be opened and closed flawlessly.

The pockets, like the whole jersey, are relatively tight, but offer enough space for several hours’ worth of food and drink. I always find it great when there is an additional pocket with a zip. GripGrab has implemented this brilliantly so that I was always able to store my valuables safely!

The only thing I can advise is to generally choose the jersey one size larger than usual. I usually wear a size S myself, but M was definitely the right choice for the Pace jersey.

Bib: Pace

The piece from the GripGrab product range for the summer that I was most looking forward to was definitely the “Pace” bib shorts. GripGrab’s self-imposed claim was that the road cyclist should not have any seat discomfort even after several hours in the saddle. I was able to experience this first-hand on a six-hour tour on Mallorca.

Because the padding is relatively thin, you hardly feel it. The comfort, however, doesn’t suffer at all. Even on the last few kilometres I didn’t have any discomfort, the pad is definitely one of the best that money can buy.

In my opinion, GripGrab has focussed on the right thing here, because a pad that is very thin but rather firm offers a number of advantages: It doesn’t wrinkle, you don’t flatten it even after several hours and your sit bones can’t sink in so quickly.

This has the advantage that the fine skin on the sit bones does not become inflamed as easily and sitting discomfort is avoided.

The pants also have very wide cuffs on the legs, which again ensures that nothing rides up or chafes in uncomfortable places.

I am absolutely delighted with the Pace bib shorts and can say with a clear conscience that they are the most comfortable cycling shorts I have ever had the pleasure of testing. From now on they will be my one and only choice for longer rides!

Baselayer: Ultralight Mesh

GripGrab also provided me with a base layer for the slightly fresher days. It was quite windy on the first few days of my stay in Mallorca, so I was very happy to have this very light additional layer.

Personally, in warmer temperatures I prefer to ride with just a jersey, but I think that a base layer can be very useful for most riders. In my opinion, it’s worth mentioning that the baselayer didn’t absorb any sweat or odour, even after a fairly difficult and ultimately somewhat heated stage.

I was really impressed with the breathability.

Kurzfingerhandschuhe: ProRide RC Max

The final element included in this test was the newly developed ProRide RC Half-finger Gloves. I have to admit that I had never used half-finger gloves before.

However, I learnt to love them straight away, especially on the somewhat poorly tarmacked Mallorcan roads and above all when riding a gravel bike. Where my hands would have otherwise ached after long gravel tours on rough terrain, I had no complaints whatsoever thanks to the ProRide RC.

I also had a more secure grip on the handlebars and, in the event of a fall, my palms would have been well protected by the excellent padding and abrasion-resistant material.


GripGrab takes a similar approach with its summer cycling clothing as it does with its winter collection. Instead of eye-catching designs, the brand prefers to stand out with superb workmanship and good value for money.

And in my opinion, GripGrab has managed to do just that. The jersey and trousers retain their shape even after several hundred kilometres and a few washes. As already mentioned, the fit is very athletic, but absolutely ideal for my purposes. For those who prefer a more relaxed cut, the Ride jersey will probably be the better choice.

I can warmly recommend the new GripGrab collection to anyone who values high-quality, durable garments over flashy designs.