Roeckl Sports Morgex, Irai and Icon GlovesRoeckl Sports Morgex, Irai and Icon Gloves

Roeckl Sports BI-FUSION Gloves Review


Roeckl Handschuhe Irai – the perfect gloves?

I own several pairs of very lightweight gloves from top cycling apparel brands and had always avoided using a more padded model so far, even for long rides. So I was skeptical at first. When I received the Irai, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how light these gloves felt and actually were, despite the heavy Bi-Fusion padding. Long story short, I’ve been using them a lot more than I had expected.

Although I was well aware of the quality of Roeckl gloves, I noticed an even bigger attention to detail than I had assumed. For Roeckl, gloves are not just an accessory to complete a cycling kit, but their core business. The amount of thought that goes into the design and functionality during product development and manufacturing is unparalleled in the field, and the end result is always somewhat unique.

Each part of the Roeckl Irai is designed with performance in mind. The backhand is light and breathable, while the palm is stronger and folds perfectly over the bar for comfort and grip. The closure is large and keeps the gloves in place, so there’s no slipping. I have washed the gloves many times and the closure still looks like new.
For the back of the hand, Roeckl has opted for a very lightweight Lycra made from a recycled material they call ECONYL, which is very, very breathable and lightweight. Mesh inserts add to the ventilation, so even on long July tours in Mallorca, I had no problems with the heat. The material also lets the sun through, thus preventing tan lines.

The palm is very strong yet light. The Bi-Fusion inserts are strategically placed where support is needed and have the perfect shape to allow the gloves to fold perfectly and give a very natural and secure grip on the handlebars. They are made of gel and do a great job of distributing pressure and absorbing vibrations from the road.

I have used the gloves for long days on the bike in Spain in the summer and also in the wind and rain in the Eifel in Germany and they have proven to be very versatile and comfortable. The padding is excellent and the construction is light and breathable enough for long summer rides, yet comforting enough for windy, rainy days when staying comfortable is usually quite a challenge.

Roeckl Icon size 9.5 – perfect comfort even with high temperatures!

After extensively testing the Roeckl Icon in size 9.5 – a total of about 400 km, including in hot summer temperatures around 36°C – I am thrilled with its features.
The glove’s breathability is outstanding, even after more than 70 kilometres of touring with my XC hardtail or Enduro full suspension bike with temperatures between 30 and 36°C.
Compared to conventional gloves, with which I usually feel pain and numbness in my hands or the ball of my hand after about 60 kilometres, there was no discomfort at all, even after 100 kilometres, thanks to the Bi-Fusion damping. Especially if you often use bar ends during the ride, this damping technology becomes positively apparent. The good pressure distribution, especially in the thumb area (my problem zone), prevented the hands from tiring.

The Roeckl Icon is very comfortable to wear. Nothing pulls uncomfortably or rubs against the skin. The glove is very elastic, which is very important for this model, as it does not have a Velcro fastener. I deliberately chose a model without Velcro and was curious to see how well the stretchy elastic would work. In this respect, too, the fit on the wrists was excellent. Overall, the gloves fit me perfectly. I didn’t have to choose a size smaller or larger than my usual size.

I was positively surprised by the removal aid, thanks to which I was able to remove the gloves quickly and easily with just two fingers.

Conclusion: The Roeckl Icon is the ideal short-fingered glove for cyclists who often ride on hot days and place great value on high wearing comfort and effective cushioning. The Bi-Fusion technology and the high-quality design make it an excellent companion for long rides in summer weather conditions, even on an enduro bike. The only thing that bothered me a bit were the protruding seams, but they can be quickly cut off.

Roeckl Sports Morgex – „love at second sight …“

Hello, I’m Malin and an eager enduro/freeride mountain biker. In the last few weeks I had the opportunity to test the Roeckl Sports Morgex bike gloves with the highly praised Bi-Fusion technology on the trails.

Promising try-on

When I was asked if I would like to test the gloves, I was on the one hand curious about the technology, but on the other hand sceptical whether they would fit me at all. It is a unisex glove, and as a woman with very long and thin hands, I don’t always find gloves that instantly suit me, so I was surprised to find that the Morgex fitted my hand immediately in my chosen size 7.5. When I tried them on, the gloves were a perfect fit and felt pleasantly cool. Now it was time to try them out on the trails.

On to the Flowtrail Stromberg

I rode up the mountain with high expectations and was a little sceptical when I reached the top: the glove was slipping when riding uphill and the highly praised Bi-Fusion parts didn’t stay in place. On the descent, however, the potential of the Morgex became apparent: especially during the landings after the set-up jumps, the glove felt very comfortable, it actually cushioned well. After a slightly longer day and many ascents and descents, my palm did start to sweat a bit … In the evening I discovered a small blister on my hand … I was a bit disappointed.

To be honest, it was love at second sight … Hometrails

The blister had healed in the meantime and I wanted to give the glove another chance! From my other leisure and travel activities, such as hiking and climbing, I knew that good shoes, for example, need to be broken in first and that you shouldn’t run up to the peaks of the Alps with them straight away. And yes, that’s how it was here too: A second attempt led me down my home trails, which are peppered with lots of roots, small jumps and short steep descents. This time the gloves fit better and the technology inserts stayed in place. When I took the Roeckl Sports Morgex off during a short break, I noticed that they were slightly deformed, as if they had adapted to the shape of my hands (especially in the areas with the Bi-Fusion gel). For comparison, I put on my old glove without comparable technology to ride a trail and noticed how much less comfortable it felt compared to the Morgex glove. In wild root passages and tight turns, the Morgex finally won me over completely, as it makes handling on the handlebars much more pleasant and playful. Thanks to the high-quality micro mesh on the backhand, this glove also offers good ventilation.

Another plus point has to be attributed to the glove: As a social media manager and camerawoman, I sometimes can’t resist filming my friends even in my free time. With the gloves, that’s no problem. On the trails, I always have my phone with me, and thanks to the touchscreen functionality of the gloves, which is really very good and precise (!), I was able to take pictures without any restrictions.


Yes, I will continue to use the gloves, for example next weekend at Greenhill Bikepark. Anyone who knows the lift there knows how tightly you have to cling to the handlebars … 😉
I can recommend the gloves without doubt, especially for flowing trails and root passages – but I would advise you to wear them in first and maybe not all day on the first few rides. After that, however, they will be your faithful companions!