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Aeroe Carriage System Review


In the good old days, bike racks and bike bags weren’t such a complicated theme. Trekking bikes would be delivered ready for touring while roadies would ride free from any weight. Mountain bikers would eventually be around with a backpack. With the introduction of the Gravel bikes, and especially with E-Mountain bikes now being used for touring, finding an easy and practical solution for our customers that fits all types of bikes became paramount for us. When I first got information on the Aeroe system I knew we have found something our customers would enjoy. And once we introduced them to the shop, I had to test the system myself.

Heavy Duty Drybag: Slim and fully waterproof

The system universality and minimalistic concept can already be seen in the Heavy Duty bags. I got both the 8L and the 12L, alongside the 11L Pod. The bags are very well constructed, strong, and light. They also don’t have straps or anything that might get tangled on the wheels. The attachment with the mount is fast and easy, made by passing the spider straps through the bag’s loopholes. Their cylinder shape makes them very compact for their volume, giving them a slim look and minimizing resistance. It also also avoids the sensation you might bump them into an obstacle on a curve or small space that cycling with bigger bags usually give you.

On the handlebar mount, I used the 8L. The 12L could also be used but I find it a bit too big for my handlebar and hands position. So far they have been fully waterproof which wasn’t a surprise since they are constructed with fully welded TPU. The only aspect that might become an issue for some customers is that to make the bags as minimalist as possible, the only carry point is the top closure. So they are perfect for touring, but might not be the best option if you want something to go shopping for, like bags that can be used as backpacks, etc. I could use my regular backpack with the rack though.

Spider Rack and Cradle: The Inovation

The spider cradle and rack are the heart of the system and the real reason why the system works so well and is so versatile. The Rack is easy to mount and fits both my Gravel and my MTB. The rack has no platform. Instead, on it, you can mount the Aeroe Spider or the Quick Pod attachment piece, in any position or angle you want. So different positions and combinations are possible according to your bag choice as well as bike size, crank arm length, etc.

On my gravel bike, I found the side spider position by clipping my shoes and spinning the crank. So, on a bike with a short chainstay, you will mount the spider further bag and/or keep the bag angle close to vertical, with the opposite also possible if your bike has a longer chainstay, like most gravel bikes. That allows the rack to be mounted in basically any bike, without the use of any kind of adapters or hacks.

A further positive point of the spider cradle is that it will be easy to use with bags. Tubular bags like a Tent will seem to be part of the system, while other backpacks can be attached with spider’s straps, depending on the size. The handlebar spider cradle works just like the rack spider cradle, which also makes the choice for bags easier.

Quick Mount Pod: A quick-release travel bag

The quick mount Pod is a bit different from the bags and can also be used differently. It has one hard wall side and internal straps and it opens completely, resembling a small travel bag. It’s probably the best solution for things you want to have quick and easy access to. It also has a different attachment system that works with a “quick release”: The bag is attached to a small mount fixed on the rack. To release it, you can simply pull the strap at the top, and the bag is free. To attach the bag back, you place the bag on the mount and spin it. Another great feat from the design team.

One system to rule them all

When I received the items, I knew the experience would be positive. The quality can be perceived already when unpacking the items. But I wasn’t expecting the mounting system to be so versatile. Different adjustments are possible without requiring any type of adapter. Therefore, I see no reason why it wouldn’t fit almost any bike, including full-suspension mountain bikes. The Quick Mount Pod is very cleverly designed and the Heavy Duty bags are strong and spacious. This all comes naturally with a price, which is difficult to compare since this is an unique system. For gravel riders and touring enthusiasts is a worthy investment. If you enjoy long E-MTB tours, having a Quick Mount Pod on each side would make it for a quick and effective system.