Garmin Edge 1040 Solar on the bikeGarmin Edge 1040 Solar on the bike

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar Review


As a very happy owner of a Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, when I first heard about the launch of the 1040 model, I wasn’t sure if I would make the update. I believe that’s a common question, that each one of us makes every time something new comes out. Would an update be worth it?

A couple of weeks later the first pictures of the new interface came out and that was enough to make me interested. When then the first reviews of the solar charging function started reaching the public, my decision became quite simple. A bigger display, an improved user interface, and more battery life than I could ever need? Time to upgrade.

First Impressions – a bigger upgrade than I expected.

The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar gives a much better impression than its predecessor. The only downside I could find is that the ribbed underside is not as easy to clean. On the scope of delivery, besides the computer, are 1 x Aero front mount, 1 x MTB mount, and 1 standard mount (with the rubber bands), so I only had to get an extra front mount for my Gravel bike and the bikes were all set. Also in the package are a silicone case, a mounting strap, and a USB cable.

The installation was very easy via the Garmin Connect app. I could transfer all my stored data very easily. I also found the new home screen great. You can immediately select between a mountain bike, gravel, road bike, etc., and start riding right away. The rest of the improvements on the interface allow now an even more fluent and intuitive navigation.

The Battery Life – More than I could ever need.

The battery lasts an incredible 44 hours, which for me was stretched naturally through several workouts. And if the huge battery life wasn’t enough, this model also has solar charging, which for my big surprise work, made quite a difference in the battery life. On days when I only cycled for a couple of hours, I arrived back home with practically the same battery life as when I left. On a clear and sunny day that makes the battery life basically endless, being more than enough for even the most extreme touring adventures. For when the battery finally needs to be charged, after many workouts and probably a month of use, Garmin updated the charging port to USB-C.

Display – Huge Screen with perfect touch reaction

As on other models, the individual screen fields can be individually set and arranged. I personally use the speed, heart rate, and power in large fields as the top display. So, I can easily see my preferred data on the 3.5” display very well, without my reading glasses 😉. The screen brightness changes automatically according to the direct light but can also be set to a fixed value. The touch screen also works very well even and responds fast to any touch, even with long gloves. This easiness of use of the touch screen and clear visibility and recognition of the data really makes the difference when you’re out of breath on a climb or lowering your best time on a Strava segment.

Navigation – Bigger and clearer maps

The navigation worked as well as on the 1030 Plus, with improvements on the gradients display which is now much more differentiated. As before, the routing can be planned on the connect app or imported from Strava and Komoot.

My Verdict – Garmin remains the benchmark in cycling.

The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar convinces me completely. It has all the features I need and much more. The large display and the long battery life are the highlights for me and my main reason for favoring this computer over any other.