Northwave MTB BekleidungNorthwave MTB Bekleidung

Northwave Winter MTB Outfit Review


The Northwave winter MTB outfit review couldn’t have come in a better time. The temperature is dropping and a proper outfit is for sure your best ally when taking your bike outside during Winter. For the test I received again the complete outfit: The Easy Out Jacket, the Bomb Mtb Pants, the Sharp long sleeve Jersey, the Multicross Mid GTX MTB Shoes, the Fast Gel gloves, and the Extreme Pro High Socks.

Easy Out Jacket

Let’s start with the positive points, because basically I couldn’t find anything negative about the jacket anyway. We’re talking about a classic softshell jacket that looks exactly to my taste, not too much and not too little is clearly what it’s all about. What comes in very handy are the two vents on the chest. They do a really good job, although I was sceptical at first.

The two outer pockets, in which you can easily stow your mobile phone or a bar, are also completely adequate. The last detail is the hood, which is big enough to pull over your helmet. 

My conclusion: a nice looking and practical softshell jacket of super quality. In terms of price-performance ratio, an absolute winner.

Northwave Multicross MID Winter Shoes

Right from the first glance, the shoes make a very classy impression. Northwave has once again opted for the well-known “Vibram” sole, as featured in other models. So off I went, straight to the trail to try the shoes out. What shall I say? As expected, the shoes fit absolutely perfectly. The size corresponds exactly to that of everyday shoes, and the reinforced toe protects your feet completely from stones and other parts of the terrain. But let’s come to the most important bit: the ankles are perfectly wrapped in Gore-Tex, which keeps you warm and protects against splashing water.

All I can say about the sole is: great! Just like with the summer shoes, the pins have a firm grip on the sole. You might actually think you’re riding clipless pedals, be it on the trail or the jumpline, the shoe is just flawless from front to back. Regrettably, I can’t make any judgement on the durability yet, and in terms of price, we find ourselves in upper mid-range territory here. A clear recommendation from me for autumn. For the winter months, I would look to other models.

Northwave Sharp Jersey

In terms of looks, the jersey is quite understated, which is fine by me, although I usually prefer things a bit more colourful. I tested the jersey extensively on the trail and it is very comfortable to wear. The fabric is somewhat heavier, making it perfect for autumn. However, moisture is still well distributed to the outside and you always stay comfortable, even on longer tours. The fit is perfect, the jersey has a relaxed cut and you feel at ease. So, if you’re looking for a sober jersey of great quality, look no further.

Northwave Bomb Pants

These pants are plain trail pants, light as a feather and absolutely breathable. I have tested them extensively in the forest and what I particularly like is the ratchet closure (absolutely simple and durable). But my personal highlights are the two zipped pockets, it’s nice that there are still manufacturers who think along. Another cool detail is the silicone waist gripper. Unfortunately, the pants don’t stay where they should because the cut is like that of skinny jeans compared to the shorts. Personally, I would rather use these pants for road cycling than for mountain biking.

Northwave Fast Gel Handschuhe

The look and material of the gloves are 100{09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} appealing to me and I find the logo on the top subtle but beautiful. Apart from that, I think the make of the gloves is really great. What I also like very much is the windproof H2O Flex membrane, providing excellent protection against wind and splashing water. In summary, I can only say: a great pair of gloves for autumn and wet days, perhaps a little too thin for winter.

Northwave Extreme Pro Socken

These socks match the overall outfit perfectly, they are very cosy, an effect which is even enhanced by the reinforced sole, and they will keep you warm, dry very quickly and fit snugly. Nor can I complain about the quality; after having used the socks several times, there is no sign of wear. With other brands, you sometimes get the impression that a piercing glance may be enough to cause a hole or a loose thread. The simple truth is: if you want to complete your cool outfit, you can’t do without these socks. And as for me: this definitely won’t be my last pair of them.