Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 UnboxingSupernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Unboxing

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Review


Ralf brings light into the dark! What is better than a light test in the dark season? Everyone who is out on the road right now with the bike especially needs good bicycle lighting without any discussion. LED technology has set a new standard in the field of artificial light. It is obvious that this has opened completely new possibilities especially for bicycle lamps. The space-saving LED technology in combination with powerful lithium-ion batteries makes it possible to have intense light on the bike.

Supernova is a proven lighting specialist for the outdoor sector. The company, based in Gundelfingen, has been designing and manufacturing at the highest level of quality for more than 20 years. It is highly interested in the product’s sustainability, which is demonstrated above all by the carbon-neutral production and the robustness of the lights. The lamps are designed with the claim of durability in mind.

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Unboxing

Bike-suitable or expensive nonsense?

„That is the question! I first encountered the Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 at last year’s Eurobike. Immediately I thought that I may have finally found a good StVZO-approved (note: StVZO = German road traffic laws) headlight with a great light output that can be mounted onto all my bikes. Supernova claims to be the specialist par excellence in terms of high-performance bicycle lighting. As passionate 24h racers, they create their brand with one of the highest quality promises among bike lighting manufacturers.

This, of course, also applies to the M99 Mini Pro B54! According to Supernova, it is currently the most powerful StVZO-approved battery headlight. The first impression when unpacking the lamp confirmed my hopes. The materials (lamp head made of aluminum and special glass, massive battery with sensors, high beam button with good pressure point) are high quality workmanship and increase the anticipation of the first ride in the dark. The handlebar mount must be ordered separately because you can attach the headlight in different ways. I decided to use the 31.8mm handlebar mount. Once installed the lamp is pure fun! There are 5 brightness levels: two with low beam, three with high beam.

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Mount

Light performance

You certainly must get used to the shape of the beam of light. The Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 illuminates in a cone-shape and thus offers a relatively wide illumination compared to other manufacturers. In addition, there are a few brighter areas in the field of view which are a bit surprising at first but seem logical when you ride the first curves. The width in combination with the brighter illuminated areas creates a kind of cornering light which provides a better overview when riding fast so more safety can be ensured. Supernova has really put some thought into this.
The high beam is literally the highlight of the M99 Mini Pro B54. It is adjustable in three levels and provides enough light to keep the overall view in every situation, from road to off-road and even in the absolute dark. The cone of light of the high beam shines wide, bright, and very far – like the high beam of a car. The two low beam levels are sufficient in road traffic to produce a good field of light. Thanks to the gradation there is no situation in which the rider does not have perfect illumination.

Smart light

Yes, you read correctly, even light is smart now. Supernova offers an app for the M99 Mini Pro B54 with which the lamp can be controlled while riding. With the cell phone comfort functions, such as the coming home function, can be operated. In addition, the phone can be used to monitor the battery and thus extend the warranty – certainly a very useful information. One that shows that the claim of longevity is meant seriously.

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Battery

We need to talk – the battery

The battery is certainly the Achilles’ heel of a powerful outdoor light. It must withstand large temperature differences and, depending on the selected light intensity, provide large amounts of energy at once. Both factors put a massive strain on a lithium-ion battery. The energy supplier of the M99 Mini Pro B54 offers 54 Wh. That is quite a lot. You could run a good old light bulb (60 W) for almost one whole hour with this battery. If you remember how hot and bright a 60-watt bulb was you will get a more accurate idea of that. On the brightest level the battery feeds the headlight for 2.5 hours and on the lowest level for an amount of fabulous 50 hours.

Supernova addresses the issue of temperature with battery heating and an intelligent charging control. This ensures that the battery is only charged within the ideal temperature range of about 20° C. In long-life mode charging is even more careful! The battery is fixed by Velcro to the bike’s frame or any other desired position. The cable length is sufficient to mount all parts flexibly on the bike. The cable to the battery measures 36.5cm and the length to the switch is even 41cm. With 300 g the weight is absolutely fine considering the battery’s power!

Quick change?

The battery is super-fast to attach and remove. The high beam switch is connected by a cable and can be positioned individually on the handlebar. The light itself is also quick to install on a normal light mount – everything fits. With the other, separately available, accessories you can find good mounting solutions for the light and the high beam button for most bikes.

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Remote

Conclusion: lights up!

Once installed, the lamp is really fun! A strong light output and countless clever features make it the perfect light for frequent riders who are looking for a light for both on and off-road use. The Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 offers a great overall package and you may look forward to every ride with it! Hard to imagine how one could make a bike light even safer. The purchase price is very high – no doubt. However, this light is not intended for a bit of riding around but for mile eaters and rough off-road use. Due to the high quality, it will probably be in use for quite a few years.“