ASSOS Mille GT Summer C2 OutfitASSOS Mille GT Summer C2 Outfit

ASSOS Mille GT Summer c2 outfit and ASSOS eye protection Skharab Review


As soon as the temperatures rise and the first sunny days are here, it’s time for some serious road cycling. And once the temperatures have reached double figures, the warmer clothes can finally stay in the wardrobe while short-sleeved jerseys and bib shorts are ready to meet the sun. Could there really be a better choice for these warmer days than the new Mille GT Summer c2 series from ASSOS? Well, let’s get on the road bike and do the first test kilometres to see for ourselves!

ASSOS Mille GT Summer C2 Outfit

The perfect match? ASSOS Mille GT Summer c2 Voganski jersey and MILLE GT Summer c2 GTS bib shorts

Both jersey and shorts have the usual perfect fit thanks to the ASSOS regular fit cut, which has been designed to deliver plenty of comfort. What is immediately striking about the jersey is that it has almost no visible seams. In the shoulder area, it comes without the traditional shoulder seam thanks to its raglan cut, thus creating more freedom of movement. Without a seam, the ends of the sleeves will also adapt perfectly to the body, offering even greater aerodynamics and eliminating slippage.

The jersey has three rear pockets – here, too, ASSOS has managed to create a clean look thanks to the triple ramp concept with internal seams. The pockets are perfectly positioned and therefore easily reached. Keys, smartphone, tools, bars or gels can be safely carried and are always at hand. The jersey features a full-length zip, which, thanks to the narrow cut, is also very discreet and yet incredibly effortless to use.

Particularly on longer rides of between three and five hours, you will easily realise that with the ASSOS Mille GT Summer c2 series you are superbly equipped for any situation. The BIG DUAL Tex material of the jersey and the OSSIDIA circular knitted fabric of the bib shorts feel as soft as velvet on the skin and perform perfectly, wicking moisture away from the body to prevent hypothermia on fast downhill sections. Both the shorts and the jersey do not wrinkle thanks to the stretch component in the fabric, and yet you do not have the feeling of being squeezed in.

But the real highlight is the new GTS chamois of the Mille GT shorts. I have often chosen ASSOS cycling pants for long rides in the past because they are known for their extremely comfortable padding. The redesigned pad is made of two layers of foam and has a honeycomb design. Together with the perforated 3D waffle foam, this is supposed to offer optimal support and breathability on particularly long rides. The kraterCooler is already known from other ASSOS cycling shorts and provides good air circulation at the front of the pad, meaning that critical areas of your body remain comfortable.

With the ASSOS bib shorts, even after several hours in the saddle, you still feel like you’ve just started your ride, well, almost, because they won’t prevent you from getting heavy legs, of course. 😉 But it’s obvious that with these shorts, ASSOS has once again managed to outperform their excellent paddings of the past.

ASSOS Mille GT Summer C2 Pad inside

ASSOS Skharab eyewear – does Max keep a clear view?

The whole outfit is completed by the ASSOS Skharab sports glasses. I was lucky enough to test them with the grey, self-tinting lens, but they are also available with red and blue tint. I must say, they leave nothing to be desired. As you can very well see in the photos, the lens is clearly transparent in the indoor pictures. As soon as you step outside into the sunlight, it darkens perfectly, ensuring an ideal vision in every situation. Even while riding, the adjustment works very well in changing light conditions, for example when you move from wooded areas to open country roads. The contrasts are also reproduced very well even on fast descents, so that you can spot every pothole in advance. Thanks to the anti-fog coating, visibility is not impaired when the outside temperature is low.

ASSOS Skharab Eye Protection Glasses

Short and crisp: the verdict!

Combining the Mille GT Summer c2 Voganski jersey and the MILLE GT Summer c2 GTS bib shorts creates a mega summer outfit with an extra dash of comfort thanks to the well-known ASSOS quality. As you would expect, you will get road cycling clothing with excellent fit and function, which is worth every penny. Add to this the ASSOS Skharab sports sunglasses and the summer can come!

ASSOS Mille GT Summer C2 in Action