Oakley Aro3 Sutro PRIZM Road JadeOakley Aro3 Sutro PRIZM Road Jade

Oakley Aro3 road bike helmet and Sutro PRIZM Road Jade sports glasses Review


In recent years, helmets have been getting more and more important for road cyclists. Weight and ventilation used to be the main priorities, but these days the focus is also on aerodynamic qualities. Whether from a functional point of view or for purely aesthetic reasons.

Oakley Aro3 Sutro PRIZM Road Jade

Head protection – the Oakley Aro3 road helmet

The Oakley Aro3 with Boa 360° fit system, X-Static forehead padding and MIPS integration is aerodynamic, but also quite classic in appearance. It fits very comfortably and immediately conveys a feeling of safety. Fine-tuning the position with the BOA FS1-1 system was easy.

In terms of looks, the helmet also appeals to me, especially the side and rear profile. The front could be a little narrower for my taste. The matte black design is timeless, looks very classy and can be perfectly combined with colourful clothes and bikes. The ventilation is sufficient, although I am generally not hypercritical regarding this aspect.

The X-Static forehead pad is supposed to inhibit the development of bacteria on the fabric and permanently prevent any odour. For the test period of about four weeks and eight rides, I can definitely verify the claim. The scope of delivery even includes a second set of pads.

Furthermore, the helmet offers a built-in goggle holder integrated into the two lower ventilation holes on the outside. This is a feature I no longer want to miss in helmets. The holder is well designed, but stowing the goggles away quickly can sometimes prove to be somewhat tricky. Sometimes you end up between the head and the helmet padding and don’t hit the holder. Once you do hit it, your goggles are safely stored and ready to reach at any time.

Weighing in at 270 grams, the helmet is not lightweight, but it’s not really heavy either. With a head circumference of approx. 55-56 cm, I used size M.

Oakley Aro3 Sutro PRIZM Road Jade am Helm

Eye protection – the Oakley Sutro sports glasses

At first I was sceptical whether I would be happy with a large pair of glasses (in a non-classic design), but the Oakley Sutro PRIZM Road Jade have won me over!

After a brief period of getting used to it, I started to appreciate the modern design, and now I really like wearing the glasses and think they look really good. The fit is also perfect, the glasses stay in place and don’t slip. The lenses are designed for bright light conditions (light transmission: 15 {09776a9e527fe6e7777aceefa8f4e2f820982470cae700a67e7c7fb2d68155cf} with lens colour “rose”), which might be too dark for some cyclists when the sky is overcast or for cycling in the twilight. The filter is very pleasant and clear, which means that at first, after taking off the glasses, you may perceive the “normal reality” as boring.

As someone who wears contact lenses, I consider the large frame to be an advantage of the Sutro, as it reduces air turbulence in the eye area. The experience while riding was very pleasant. As usual with Oakley, the glasses come with a microfibre bag and a hard case. The alternative to the Sutro is the Sutro Light model, which offers a slightly larger field of vision thanks to the half frame and looks somewhat slimmer. If you prefer other frame colours or lenses, you will certainly find them in our shop.

Oakley Aro3 Sutro PRIZM Road Jade

My conclusion

I personally liked the combination of Oakley Aro3 helmet and Oakley Sutro. The helmet could be a bit slimmer, but otherwise the design and colour are very coherent. The goggles are appealing in terms of contrast and comfort. Both products are good value for the money.