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Fox Head Attack Fire MTB winter outfit Review


MTB clothing has to meet particularly high expectations in winter. Not only should it keep you warm, it also has to be robust against mud and dirt, which is very prominent in the winter months. But keeping you warm is tricky in cold temperatures, as breathability is also very important. The best insulation is of no use if the moisture generated during physical exertion is not removed properly. Should the first layer get too wet, all wearing comfort will be gone. The main focus of Daniel’s Fox test was therefore the question of what Fox Head had in mind in order to make MTB riding fun even in the coldest weather.

On the Attack – Daniel‘s Fox outfit

“Let’s talk about sizes first. At 1.83 m, I have size L in most clothing. The same applies to the Attack Fire outfit. I ordered the jacket in size L, with the pants in size 36, which pretty much is the same. Both fit wonderfully, so you can truly rely on the chart.
With the gloves, I ordered size XL, after I had measured my hand circumference. They also fit great!

Attack Fire – Softshell Pants

The long MTB pants are made of a three-layer softshell material that is windproof and also features a water-repellent coating. It’s very comfortable to wear on the hip due to the easily adjustable ratchet closure and tapers towards the ankles to avoid contact with the drive train. The silicone coating on the waistband prevents them from slipping, their stretch material adapts to every movement and the Cordura panels on the behind and knees protect against abrasion. This is particularly critical whenever dirt gets in, as it could turn into sandpaper and make the fabric suffer. But Fox solved that well, as I couldn’t notice any extreme wear and tear.

The pants offer enough breathability in any situation – I didn’t experience any heat accumulation. By the way, during all of my test rides temperatures around zero degrees were prevailing. Sure, it was going up to 5 degrees Celsius sometimes, but all in classic winter conditions.

The easy-to-reach pocket at hip height offers enough space for your smartphone, keys or other small items. The pants aren’t only suitable for extensive MTB tours, but also for hikes or walks with the dog. I see a small deficiency in the grip on my behind: I would wish for a little more to have a better hold on the saddle and therefore a better seating quality.

Attack Fire – MTB Softshell Jacket

When test riding, you constantly try to pay attention to every single detail. Do your pants slip at all? Do you get cold fingers while wearing gloves?

What I didn’t think about, was – the jacket! I wore it, but it felt so comfortable and light that I hardly noticed it. It features three-layers without a hood and is both wind- and water-repellent. It also keeps you pleasantly warm thanks to its fleece lining. The mixture of insulation and breathability is well chosen, as I was neither too warm nor too cold during the rides. But you still have to find the perfect setting for yourself, of course. My tendency is not to wear too many layers – which is totally possible with this jacket!

The Cordura panels on the elbows provide abrasion protection and the pocket at chest height stows a smaller smartphone or an energy bar without problems. A tip for all those who find the red too eye-catching: the jacket is available in black, as well.

Attack Fire – MTB Gloves

The gloves offer sufficient comfort in adverse weather conditions. They also provide protection against unintentional contact with trees or the ground thanks to their D3O finger ankle protectors. The padding is very flexible and doesn’t bother at all, as the material only hardens in a flash after an impact. That’s really cool.
Due to the ergonomic cut-out on the wrist, the gloves adapt perfectly to the riding position and a silicone coating on the fingertips prevents slipping off the handlebar or break. Unfortunately, hiowever, the test has shown that the glove is not compatible with every touch screen. Fox should work on that, since it should be standard today. But the bottom line is that these are very comfortable, warm and yet well ventilated gloves, which are well equipped for really cold weather.

Is this outfit on fire? My conclusion

The winter is simply no time for biking. The ground conditions are very different in cold and humid conditions respectively, which certainly makes more difference on the MTB than on the road bike. But you can live with that, if you want to.
Because most often, bad weather is the only reason not to go biking in winter – i.e. cold, rain and humidity. But with the Fox Attack series, this excuse is no longer valid. Thanks to the usual high-quality materials and good processing, Fox protects you well against cold and moisture.

All Attack Fire gear has been put through its paces in the beautiful Ahr valley – at temperatures around the freezing point. This product line is best suitable for those temperature in my opinion. All tested garments offer great moisture regulation, are light, windproof and water-repellent and feature no annoying seams or patterns. There are only small things to criticize, as described.
In my opinion, the prices are completely reasonable. The competition (ION and GORE Wear for example) is sometimes much more expensive, especially when it comes to jackets.”