ASSOS Equipe RS Spring FallASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall Equipment Review


News from ASSOS are naturally exciting. Over the years, the Swiss cycling textile specialists has earned a reputation for constantly coming up with textile revolutions. In the past they did this mainly in the area of cycling shorts, today this innovative ability extends to the entire textile cycling equipment. For example, the various cycling jackets that protect athletes all year round have been in the premier league for years now. For the 2020 season, highly functional, exciting weather-resistant pieces have been added to the top series, the Equipe RS Collection. It’s understandable that we had to review it.

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall

Max’ performance and weather test of the Equipe RS Spring Fall Collection

“The road cyclist has a look on ASSOS mainly because of the bib shorts and tights. But the Swiss do a lot more than that. While the bib shorts have received the S9 update for the 2019 season, a weatherproof update of the Equipe RS Collection is scheduled for 2020. I was allowed to test it before the release! In focus during my review:

To complete ASSOS’ ALS concept, my outfit was complemented by:


It is not new, but it still determines the new developments of ASSOS cycling clothing. For the Swiss, everything works according to this concept. The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) represents the goal of using the natural heat-regulating properties of the body through different layers of clothing with a minimum of weight and volume. Materials as well as fit and design therefore always have essential functions and are designed to complement or interlock with each other.

ASSOS aeroFit

The clothing of the Equipe RS Collection is tailored in ASSOS’ relatively new fit aeroFit. It fits even tighter than racingFit, is more aerodynamic and even offers compression. ASSOS itself says that this fit can feel restrictive off the bike. What it actually does when things do fit right — and that’s what counts!
With 75 kg at 1.85 m, the size chart in the ‘Body Type’ section has categorised me as L size. The measurements for hip and chest circumference said M. And it fits like a glove, how it is supposed to fit: uncomfortable when standing, on the bike like a second skin.

Equipe RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9

Special features: Basically like the Equipe RS S9 for summer, but: The fabric provides thermal protection for the large thigh muscles, but there is still no risk of overheating. The two-layer Sphere-Ultra structure offers additional warming insulation in the front area. A wind- and waterproof PU membrane protects the areas exposed to the cold airstream.
The S9 pad deliberately lacks the kraterCooler air holes to keep the warmth. Apart from that, the Equipe RS is the same: the foam has the special characteristic of returning to its original shape even after long pressure and thus filling in the gaps again directly in every riding position, which avoids friction in the creation process.
Reduced seams and special bibs complete the comfort package. Here the bibs are not simply a continuous piece of stretch material. Under the cross on the back they provide a special hold, while the rest of the bibs is more elastic and therefore more comfortable on the skin.

Feeling: The pants keep warm and insulate the sensitive areas. The moisture is transported away so that the material ensures constant good feeling at a wide temperature range. The pad offers ideal comfort in all conditions. Bibs and seams are not noticeable, which is very pleasant. If it is still too warm for tights and too cold for standard bib shorts, then the Spring Fall Bib Shorts is the right choice.

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 back view

Equipe RS Spring Fall Aero SS Jersey

Special features: The jersey consists mainly of two layers, the lower of which is slightly isolated on the skin. The highlight of this new transition jersey are the two valves at the front of the shoulders. Yes, that’s right: Valves! They are located below the yellow shoulder application, but are still unobtrusive and allow air to flow in in aero position at high speed and closed zipper, which is then distributed between two layers of fabric. The two layers, the so-called TwinDeck technology, make it possible to supply the body with fresh air even when the zipper is closed. Everything was thought of that needs changeable weather: The main material is a particularly fast-drying fine knit fabric and even has high UV protection when the sun comes out. The sleeves are made of highly elastic rib fabric, which fits perfectly like a second skin. The ends are open-edged and silicone-coated so that the jersey always fits perfectly and slippage is virtually impossible. The continuous two-way zipper with opening and closing lock ensures easy and one-handed operation.

Feeling: The jersey impresses with a perfect fit. The very slim cut and the aerodynamic fit offer the best compression – that’s ASSOS aeroFit! The jersey manages the balancing act between heat-insulating fabric and extremely breathable function, which prevents overheating. The ventilation is clever and pleasant, as the air is not directed directly to the skin through the inlets. Standard, but still worth mentioning: The back pockets are well positioned and easily accessible.

Equipe RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet

Special features: What is immediately noticeable about the vest are the open edge ends on the sleeve and waistband, similar to the jersey. Thus the complete Spring Fall series can be perfectly combined like a modular system. On the front, the three-layer 2XS soft shell material works due to a windproof, extremely breathable and moisture-absorbing membrane. The back is made of push pull material, a fast-drying fine knit fabric, just like the jersey.

Feeling: As with the shorts and jersey, the cut is extremely slim and therefore very aerodynamic for racing use. Even the vest fits the body perfectly and offers a wrinkle-free surface, not even on the valves. The front section is well protected, but does not overheat immediately thanks to a high-quality windbreak membrane. And as it is usual with most wind vests, the material on the back is designed to release moist air. The vest completes the pants and jersey, making this outfit ready for changing conditions.

My Equipe RS conclusion

With the innovations of the Spring Fall series, ASSOS has designed a perfectly combinable modular system that manages the balancing act between protection against cold and breathability. Equipment that is really made for changeable weather, and not just theoretically. Because there are often very high temperature amplitudes in fall or spring, the arm and leg warmers and especially the Aero Gilet can be perfectly adapted to the respective weather conditions as required. Especially the pants convinced me. They are the basis to create a useful outfit for changing weather conditions!

But of course the entire package has its price. After all, we’re also talking about the Equipe RS Collection, the top line from ASSOS for professional use on road bikes. If you spend the money, you should use it regularly, otherwise it’s not worth it.

For me, it’s also worth mentioning that the size chart is as precise and consistent as the quality of the clothing. If you can rely on the size chart, shopping online is really fun! If you’re between two sizes, I recommend that you take the smaller one!”

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall in Action