Radon Deft Triumph at the iXS Dirt Masters – Alena Strunk, Ardrider Team


For six years, Alena from the Ardrider Team has regularly participated in the iXS Dirt Masters Festival. This year, the downhill cup veteran decided to take it up a notch by entering an e-bike race for the first time, the Orbea Wild Ride, as well as the Rookies Downhill Cup. Two races in one weekend. And the result? Two times on the top of the podium.

First race experience with the e-bike: The Orbea Wild Ride

The Orbea Wild Ride took place two days after the Rookies Downhill Cup, where Alena also competed and emerged victorious. Her weapon of choice was our robust and powerful Radon Deft.

“The race started with a challenging and long descent with lots of sniper roots. Then I crashed and hit my shin against a tree stump. This was followed by a stage with several river crossings and a really fun up-and-down ride. Stage 5 was the longest (1,650 meters, took me 7 minutes), with a very long and steep climb on clayey ground” – Alena.

Despite these challenges, Alena held on until the end of the remaining root-rich downhill stages, although stage 8, for example, proved practically unrideable due to the steep, slippery conditions. “That day, there was this section that went only uphill, for most participants (myself included), it was not manageable on the bike. I managed 5 meters, jumped off the e-bike, and pushed it up the hill (about 200 meters), pushing the e-bike over many roots and rock ledges while slipping on the clay ground. Fortunately, I was able to extend my lead up to that point and secure the top spot on the podium.”

“It was a very entertaining experience and the most exhausting race I have ever participated in. The track conditions were very difficult: wet, muddy, sticky ground, many roots, ruts, long climbs, a bike that is much heavier than usual, and it was also a blind race. However, my e-bike performed perfectly, and this flawless performance played a significant role in my victory, as it was very rideable even in the difficult terrain. I would have liked to complete these stages on dry ground. All in all, it was a great and entertaining experience.”

About the Orbea Wild Ride

The Orbea Wild Ride, organized by Racement in cooperation with the BDR and Orbea, took place as part of the iXS Dirt Masters Festival and was the first official German Championship in E-Enduro, where the fastest riders in the enduro terrain were crowned. The championship titles were awarded in the categories Elite Men and Elite Women, with additional classifications for Open Men, Open Women, and Open Masters. The title in the Open Women class now belongs to Alena.

E-Bike Racing: Questions from Social Media

Since e-bike racing is a relatively new phenomenon and many mountain bikers are still unclear about using e-MTBs in a competitive context, Alena asked her followers on social media to participate in a Q&A session on the subject. Here are the most interesting questions Alena was asked and her answers:

“I would also like to try an e-bike race, do you have any tips?”

Be physically and conditionally fit, know the range of your battery (km/hm), and train demanding hill sprints in advance.

“How demanding was it?”

The race was very demanding. We had to ride on sight, without the opportunity to practice or know the track sections beforehand. The ground was soaked and muddy, with many roots that made riding extremely difficult. Particularly challenging was a very long uphill on slippery ground. A technical uphill with slippery roots was insurmountable for me, so I had to jump off and push the bike up or down. Overall, it was physically very demanding.

“Can anyone participate? I am very fit but can’t find e-bike races.”

At the Orbea Wild Ride, there was an open/hobby category (women, men, and masters) and a license category (women, men).

“How is the charging socket sealed?”

A sticker was placed over the socket, which cannot be removed without damaging it.

“Was there a mass start or a staggered start?”

It started in small blocks of up to 10 people. The stages were started with a 1-2 minute gap.

“Were there different classes? Light e-MTB and ‘normal’ e-MTB?”

There was no distinction. E-MTBs and Light E-MTBs were allowed. Additionally, a range extender could be used.

“How much fun was it overall? Are you now hooked on e-bike racing?”

Overall, it was a fun experience. I think it would have been great on dry trails. I’m not hooked. But I wouldn’t rule out participating in another one someday.

“Does battery consumption percentage affect the rating/placement?”

No, in this race it didn’t matter how much battery was used. Of course, charging in between was not allowed.

Radon Deft – Unbeatable Value for Money

The DEFT 8.0 750 was developed for the toughest trails. Equipped with the Bosch Performance CX drive, it delivers 85 Nm of torque and up to 340% pedal assistance, ensuring powerful performance in any mode – whether Eco, EMTB, or Turbo. The 750-Wh Powertube battery provides enough capacity for extended rides, making it easier to tackle long climbs and difficult terrain.

With 170 mm of travel provided by the Fox 36 Performance fork and the Fox Float X Performance shock, the DEFT 8.0 750 easily handles even tough trails. The Magura MT5 brakes offer precise and reliable braking power, while the Shimano 12-speed drivetrain ensures fast and precise shifting. The SUNringlé Düroc SD37 wheels combined with the Maxxis DHF and DHR II tires provide grip and stability even on challenging surfaces.

This year’s festival highlighted the capabilities of the Radon Deft once again, and Alena’s triumph impressively demonstrated the bike’s performance and reliability. We look forward to celebrating more impressive achievements from our team and the Radon Deft e-bike.