The aim of the test was to try out a rain set consisting of a high-quality rain jacket and rain trousers on the mountain bike during the autumn season. I am an all-weather MTB rider and was therefore naturally delighted to be able to test this set extensively in windy and rainy conditions. I opted for the jacket in the new and neutral colour “grey” and the rain trousers in “black”. The colours really match every frame colour and I’m one of those riders who prefer not to dress too brightly. With a height of 179 cm and a standard build (78 kg), I opted for size M for the jacket and size L for the trousers. I always wear a size L for MTB trousers and shorts as I appreciate the freedom of movement, also because I often wear knee pads. Before I took the rain set out of the box, I was surprised by its surprisingly low weight. When I unpacked it, I realised just how light high-quality cycling clothing can be. When I put the jacket and trousers on for the first time, it put a smile on my face. Not only did the rainwear look fantastic, it also fitted perfectly. My mates at work praised the high-quality workmanship as well as the first-class fit and attractive cut. The jacket is not too short at the front and slightly longer at the back, which also makes it suitable for hiking.

GOREWEAR ENDURE rain jacket: features, cut and fit

The jacket features GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS technology. The GORE-TEX membrane is attached to the abrasion-resistant outer layer. This makes the Endure jacket waterproof, windproof and extremely lightweight at all times. It dries quickly and can be easily packed down to a small size.

There is a rubberised insert at the very top of the inside of the hood, which ensures that the hood stays attached to the helmet and doesn’t slip off immediately with every puff of wind. I have pulled the hood over several of my helmets. It fits every helmet and is cut wider at the top than at the bottom. This has the advantage that it fits very close to the face, minimising wind penetration.

The jacket fits very well even with a rucksack, the sleeves are long enough and the back is extended. With other jackets, I often end up hurting my neck or beard with the zip. But GOREWEAR has thought this through, because the integrated zip garage effectively prevents any chafing at the neck. I have never had to use the drawstrings in the pelvic area, as the jacket fits me perfectly there too.

On the bike: testing the GOREWEAR Endure in action

On my tours, I either had my rucksack or my hip bag with me. And this is where the GOREWEAR Endure clearly differs from other jacket manufacturers’ products. I was able to unzip the jacket pockets during the ride without any problems and pull out a bar, for example. With other jacket brands, the hip belt will “block” the jacket pockets, but not with the GOREWEAR Endure. I really like this feature. The jacket can also be easily stowed in one of the front pockets. Simply pull out the inside section and pack the whole jacket into the pocket. The zip is located on both sides. Thanks to the integrated flap, you can also wear the jacket on your belt or stow it away in a waist bag, for example.

On the climbs, I was amazed by the jacket’s excellent breathability. I had no heat build-up, even though I was wearing a long-sleeved and a sleeveless baselayer as well as a jersey under the jacket at a temperature of around 10 degrees.

The jacket even held up to strong winds, so I will no longer need an additional windbreaker.
On the trail, I realised that nothing about the jacket was a problem. Perfect fit, no pulling or pressure on the upper body or arms while riding on or out of the saddle. This is also due to the pre-shaped elbow section. Not once did the hood slip off the helmet, thanks to the upper rubberised layer on the inside of the hood and the two drawstrings I was able to secure the hood to the helmet.

Almost perfect except for one small drawback

As I not only ride trails, but also longer routes along the river Rhine, I couldn’t avoid getting caught in a few windy rain showers. As on the trails in the forest, the jacket proved to be absolutely rain- and windproof. I don’t use the hood on these types of rides, as more air would flow into the hood at higher speeds, causing me discomfort (wind noise and the hood rustling against my ears), even when the hood is close to my face. I prefer to use a helmet cover. I have found that despite tightening the hood cord, I can’t get the hood to stay as compact as possible, which means that it often inflates in strong winds and I feel like I’m being slowed down a bit. I would have preferred a roll-up hood that I could have stowed away in the collar if necessary. All in all, this is a lightweight rain jacket that stands out from other rain jackets with four functions. 1) Absolutely windproof, so also suitable as a windbreaker. 2) Absolutely rainproof, so no water can get through. 3) Suitable for both MTB tours and hikes. 4) Always at hand. Thanks to its low weight and small pack size, the jacket even fits in a hip pocket. I think the price of 249 euros RRP is perfectly reasonable.

What’s special about the GOREWEAR ENDURE rain trousers?

The ENDURE rain trousers have the same GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS technology as the ENDURE rain jacket. In addition, they feature an abrasion-resistant seat panel, which gave me a kind of a good grip feeling in the saddle.

The only zip pocket on the right-hand side is positioned further back so that your smartphone or wallet won’t get in the way while pedalling. However, it also serves as an integrated storage bag. To this end, you pull out the pocket and stuff the entire trousers into it. This is very easy, as the zip is located on both the outside and inside. One small drawback: unfortunately, the GOREWEAR ENDURE rain trousers do not have an additional zip pocket. However, there is a very small mesh pocket on the inside of the trousers where you can store small change or keys.

The rain trousers in size L fit me well. The silicone gripper band on the waistband is sufficient for my waist size. If you want, you can adjust the drawstring at the waist. The reflective elements are mainly on the sides of the trousers. At the back, the reflective GOREWEAR symbol is covered by the jacket.

I liked the press studs for adjusting the width of the lower legs and the generous long zip on the rain trousers. They were very easy to put on and take off, even with knee pads, and could be adjusted to the desired tightness using the two press studs in the lower leg area.

Do the price and performance of the GOREWEAR Endure rain trousers match?

As I’m not usually cycling very fast uphill, I noticed a slight rustling noise from the rain trousers, but I didn’t find it a problem. There are rain trousers from other manufacturers that rustle significantly more and louder.

On the trail, I no longer heard any rustling due to the higher speed and was amazed at the generous freedom of movement. The lower part of the rain trousers never made contact with the chain either. As with the rain jacket, I never got wet even when it rained and didn’t feel any cold breeze on my legs. I was also surprised by the good breathability.


Apart from the missing left zip pocket, the GOREWEAR Endure with GORE-TEX PACLITE® PLUS technology and abrasion-resistant seat panel really made a big impression on me. Even when worn with knee pads, they offer a good fit, easy adjustment and excellent protection from rain and wind when cycling. The price of 199.95 euros RRP is justified for the quality on offer.